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I didn’t know a lot about reiki but decided to give it a try since I had been in discomfort after a recent surgery. It was the best decision I made. After a few sessions I could feel the calm and relaxation within my body! Celeste made me feel at ease and opened my mind to an alternate way to heal. She has this amazing energy mixed with compassion and knowledge. I recommend the crystals and essential oils she offers during a session. They were the cherry on the cake. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience!

Liz Henriques

I have known Celeste for over 10 years. She is a compassionate and understanding person. I feel more balanced and relaxed after her services. I have had the privilege of receiving Reiki and AromaTouch massage. I also make it a point to attend her yoga class whenever possible. She is a natural healer. I am so glad she is following her passion!

Mary Ellen Hassett

CBEH is truly a transformative experience for anyone fortunate enough to experience it. It was not only wonderful in terms of the physical results (which were immediate), but also in terms of its spiritual and emotional benefits. Celeste is truly a superbly gifted professional, but more importantly, an absolutely wonderful and genuine person who simply radiates profound goodness and complete positivity. Cannot recommend her and her endeavor highly enough.

Randy McEnaney